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1st Youtube Video LinkDr. Gabe & Dr. O | TattooTherapy! TV Show | Licensed Clinical Psychologist
2nd Youtube Video LinkMental Minute w/ Dr. Gabe on TV Show “The Dr’s” - -Tattoo
5th Youtube Video LinkOn Bullies Mental Minute™w/Dr.Gabe and Mario Lopez-Cyberbullying[episode #88]
Violent Child BrainViolent Child Brain
Dr. Gabe on CNN/HLN
Thumbnail 1Parents, Kids, School, and The Pandemic | Mental Minute™w/Dr. Gabe
Thumbnail 2Fear & The Brain | Mental Minute™
w/Dr. Gabe
Thumbnail 3Therapy Works—Fox-TV | Mental Minute™
w/Dr. Gabe
Thumbnail 4Trauma Impact on Brain —
Dr. Gabe Explains on OWN
4th Youtube Video LinkMental Minute™w/Dr. Gabe (Dr. Gabe and Mario Lopez Talk Cyberbullying) on Extra! [episode ]